What lurks in the shadows...

We are a web development company based in Waterford, Ireland. We strive to assist our clients with there web solution no matter how big or small and tailor everything we can to them. We also work towards the development of video games in the areas of Horror, Psychology, History and Sci-Fi for PC and Consoles.
We also provide Video Production solutions for small to medium sized businesses.
You can view some of our current projects and past work below.
You can also contact us in regards to any web solutions we can provide here!

Darkness Consuming

Darkness Consuming is a 2D horror experience. This game is narrative driven and acts as a prologue to a much bigger story.
This will open you up into a new world of darkness and progress into our second project "Life in the Darkness", Details below.

Additional details on this project and others will become available as it progresses.

Life in the Darkness

Welcome to the darkness... Life in the Darkness is a first person 3D horror experience. Like "Darkness Consuming", it is narrative driven, the big difference here is the environment and aspects of the environment you will navigate through.
You will encounter darkness, light and fire as you try escape this world you have been plunged into.

Keep and eye on this space, more details are to come.

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